About us

The duo that makes it happen…

The duo that makes it happen…

Cindy And Karen. 

The duo that makes it happen. 


Cindy is an Arizona native with roots in both Northern Arizona and Chandler. She has two amazing children who keep her life full of adventure. In addition to raising her sons and attending all their sports events, she enjoys traveling and other outdoor activities.  

Although her college path took her into the legal field, she has always had a passion for interior design. Whether it was out of old shoe boxes that her mom threw away or cardboard boxes in the garage. Cindy has been transforming anything she could into “homes” complete with furniture, accessories, flooring and paint. As an adult Cindy spent most of her free time helping friends and family members make their homes beautiful and unique. Though it was just a hobby for there she had numerous babies, Cindy began to pursue a career in nursing. With just a couple of semesters left, she took the advice from a friend and put nursing school on hold to pursue her passion for interior design. That was the decision that completely changed her life and has allowed her to do what she loves every day. Cindy began her interior design business and recruited her dear friend Karen for artistic painting and color collaboration on a number of projects. From day one, Cindy recognized that Karen was not only a talented artist, but an asset to her projects and an essential part of her business. In 2004 Cindy and Karen decided to go into business together and “In Design LLC” was born. Cindy is grateful to have the opportunity to user her creative talents to make her clients homes well designed and beautiful. She feels blessed to be able to take her passion for design and make it a successful career.  


Karen grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Her college path took her to Cedarville University in Ohio where she graduated in 1988. Shortly thereafter, she married and followed her husband to Charlottesville, Virginia where she worked for American Express Financial Advisors. Upon relocating to Arizona in 1995, Karen had the privilege of staying at home with her three young children for ten years. It was during that period of time that she cultivated what had always been a lifelong interest in interior design and decorative paint. After hiring a designer to work in her own home, and realizing that she had a knack for design, she joined her talents and vision with Cindy and In Design LLC was born. Hard work, continued education in the field of design and years of experience, have only served to fuel Karen’s desire to create beautiful living spaces for others. But her job is only one of her passions. In addition to a wonderful husband, Karen has a busy schedule with three children of her own and three children by marriage coming and going. Her family is her top priority, but Karen also enjoys a very busy schedule with her running hobby and her volunteer time she spends playing keyboard for her church band.  

 One of the things that make In Design LLC unique is that it is a true working partnership. Cindy and Karen have been working together in the interior design business since 2004 and each partner brings their own areas of expertise to create seamless, well thought out design that benefits from both design perspectives. “Two heads are better than one” is a mantra that truly fits! We share a commitment to listening closely to the client’s desires and opinions and incorporating them into beautiful and original design.