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In Design LLCs innovation is the melting pot of the expected and unexpected. Driven by necessity, desire of the unique, and putting together collaborative ideas, Innovation is essential to ground-breaking and beautiful design. Individuality in design is the fingerprint we put on each project we complete. We invite you to view our gallery.  


One of the things that make in Design LLC unique is that it is a true working partnership. Cindy and Karen have been working together in the interior design business since 2004 and each partner brings their own areas of expertise to create seamless, well thought out design that benefits from both design perspectives. “Two heads are better than one” is a mantra that truly fits! We share a commitment to listening closely to the client’s desires and opinions and incorporating them into beautiful and original design.  


Beautiful design results in many years of enjoying aesthetically pleasing, functional, and practical living spaces. Make your house a beautiful home.